Look at any wholesaler or distributor today, and you’ll see how computers, laptops, and machines are the foundation of their business. Automation, after all, means efficiency and accuracy. However, there’s still one place where pen and paper still rule: the delivery truck. PocketDelivery™ is an app synced with PA to manage the details from the pickup to delivery. Turn by turn directions, inventory check-ins, sign-offs, delivery notes and returns—it’s all tracked in real time so that managers back in the warehouse know the ins, outs, and whereabouts of a single truck on the road.

Always Be in the Know

PocketDelivery™ is an iPhone/iPad app designed for wine, beer and spirit drivers to manage delivery details, pickups, refusals, and payment collection. Passive check-in, check-out. Full reporting to reduce end of day checkout updates. Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1: Start of Day (If needed)

    Driver confirms the deliveries for the day and signs out with the inventory and list of stops. Managers or warehouse personnel can approve and sign off on the confirmed inventory on the truck. Warehouse then provides the driver with a printed copy of the truck’s manifest.

  • Step 2: Delivery

    Turn-by-turn directions ensure that the driver takes the most efficient route. Upon arrival, the driver confirms the items being delivered and records any checks collected. Management signs for the order, and the driver proceeds to the next stop. Any returned items are recorded.

  • Step 3: End of Day Checkout

    The driver signals in PD that he’s closing out and works with the warehouse to process returned items as well as any money or checks acquired. A report is automatically sent to the warehouse system with the details of each delivery. This report can be sent electronically or printed.

Update Deal Pricing on the Spot

When managers update deal pricings, that information is available to all sales reps through PA+. This seamless process reduces the likelihood of a sales rep giving a customer incorrect information.

Track Returns in Real Time

If a sales rep goes on vacation or gets sicks and his or her clients need to place orders, sales managers can easily step in to fill the void. Managers can access their reps’ systems at any point and seamlessly make a transaction when needed. It would be as if the sale reps made the order themselves.

“Companies don’t know the bottom-line savings because virtually no other system tracks this process.”

—Randy Lhowe, consultant with 25+ years of industry experience