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Running on iPad, iPhone, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, PocketAdvantage is the most advanced tool for sales reps in the field. Learn more.

The Full App Suite

From order entry to manager analytics to delivery tracking, our seven apps are the industry’s leading tools for wholesalers and distributors across the country.

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See why more than 16,000 reps prefer PocketAdvantage as their sales weapon of choice in the field. Contact us today about a free demo.

Well, just how good is our stuff?

We can spill oceans of ink explaining why we’re the leading software company for wine and spirits distributors in the country. But it’s just easier if you hear from our clients. In this video, we had a camera man ride along with Peter Birdsong of Georgia Crown. See for yourself; there’s nothing quite like PocketAdvantage.

Say hello to our little friends

Installed in 130 locations across 43 states and used by more than 16,000 sales representatives, Inventiv is the industry leader in wine, beer, and spirits software. Our flagship software, PocketAdvantage™, is the top order-entry app in the country with more than 17,000 users.

Quick Facts

 We believe that every tap or click you save adds a second to your life.
In a marketplace where speed and simplicity matter, Inventiv empowers sales teams
across the country with the tools they need to close the deal.

  • 1998

    Dave and Amy Rea launch Inventiv in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • $10,000,000,000+

    Sales volume processed annually by our software

  • 43 States

    Inventiv is installed in 120 locations across the country

  • 16,000

    More than 16,000 sales reps use Inventiv’s software on a daily basis

What others say about us

Warren Newman

“Inventiv’s solution resonated to our sales group on multiple levels. Inventiv knows our industry like no one else, and their solution zeroed-in on what our reps needed to accomplish in the field. Other solutions were more generic.”

Warren NewmanCIO, RNDC
Mike Levine

“It’s what I don’t hear. I don’t hear any complaints. It’s really been a blessing for our help desk since they don’t have to handle thirty calls a day based on the device and functionality. Especially as sales teams’ devices got older, they were getting pummeled with support tickets.”

Mike LevineCIO, Window
Michael Klauer

“If you want something done, it gets done, and everyone gets to take advantage of that new feature. Inventiv is far more collaborative than other companies.”

Michael KlauerSpirits Division Manager, Heritage Wine Cellars
Steve Paradis

“I don’t think we could run our business without PocketAdvantage™. Once you learn this technology, you need it. There’s no going back. You don’t want to go back. The technology is that good.”

Steve ParadisMarketing Manager, A.S. Goodman

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