More than 16,000 sale reps in 43 states trust PocketAdvantage™ every day to write and confirm orders, take surveys, and even give presentations to clients. Still not convinced?

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PA Plus

The perfect communication app that connects sales reps with their managers. Includes surveys, customer messages, order confirmations, customer presentation and training documents.

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Offering tremendous flexibility, AdvantageEIS™ connects managers with their sales team, makes sales predictions, identifies new product placement opportunities, and analyzes store survey results.

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Saves Time

The fastest, most intuitive, user-friendly option on the market, saving your reps valuable time in front of the customer and giving them more time to sell.

Minimizes Errors

Built so that reps take down orders only once. Reps can quickly and easily enter sale orders, check, submit, and even send confirmation to customers.

Cuts Down Phonecalls

Stop checking voicemails, emails, and texts. PA+ combines all customer requests in one place so you never miss a sale.

Swift Feedback

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to use AdvantageEIS, which analyzes sales data and provides critical feedback on how your team is performing.

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  • “We found PocketAdvantage to run very smoothly on the A7 processor generation of iPads. Our team members that previously used PocketAdvantage on PCs were pleased with the intuitive iOS interface, and able to use the software with little additional training.”
    Rob Petrone, Director of Business Development at B&T Distributing
  • "RNDC and NDC are in the process of implementing the full feature set provided by PocketAdvantage in all 15 states with distribution operations. Inventiv Software is proving to do an excellent job in helping us manage our orders, contracts and surveys across states with a wide range of laws and regulations."
    Warren Newman CIO Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC)
  • "AdvantageEIS consistently provides fast and accurate answers to the business questions we ask every day. Creating and saving new reports is very easy to do so when new questions come up we know we can get the answers we need to effectively run our business."
    John “Bubba” Donnelly President Athens Distributing Company
  • "We used to have fifty plus sales reps calling the office to get stock, price or customer information every day.  No longer.  Now they all have that information in the palms of their hands.  Inventiv has given our sales reps the ability to interact with the customer on a more real time information basis."
    Corey Koneczny, Office and IT Manager, Virginia Imports, Ltd
  • “I don’t think we could run our business without PocketAdvantage™. Once you learn this technology, you need it. There’s no going back. You don’t want to go back. The technology is that good.”
    Steve Paradis, Marketing Manager for A.S. Goodman
  • "From order entry to collection to surveying, Pocket Advantage has been able to handle the challenges we have presented. We have been working with Dave and his Team for over a decade now and are happy to say Pocket Advantage (PA) remains the tool of choice for our Sales Force."
    Mary Goodman, Vice President of Information Technology Major Brands, Inc.