The first version of PocketAdvantage™ was released in 1998 to just one wholesaler. How far we’ve come: Today, more than 16,000 reps across 43 states trust PocketAdvantage™ as their order-entry software of choice. The app has grown to include more than 2,000 features (and counting!). From the beginning, we have worked to deliver information to reps as quickly, as completely, and as accurately as technology would allow us. Indeed, no order-entry software is as intuitive and as effective as PocketAdvantage™.

Designed with Reps in Mind

PocketAdvantage™ is designed for sales reps in the field processing daily orders for wine, beer, and spirits. Using an iPad, iPhone, or PC, sales reps do not need an internet connection to use PocketAdvantage™ and can write orders offline as they work with customers. As a guide for both the sales rep and the customer, PocketAdvantage™ eliminates common guesswork by tracking customer sales history, updating warehouse inventory, and highlighting deal pricing.  Inventiv also offers a secure cloud-based solution which connects directly to your backend system.

“PocketAdvantage on the iPad has helped us set a foundation of prominence.”

—Carrie Pizanie, Winebow training manager

Mind Your Manager

PocketAdvantage™ seamlessly allows managers to cover for any sales rep not in the office and place orders for customers when they have an open territory. Managers are setup with their sale reps’ territories and can quickly toggle between customers in views that match the rep’s system. All sales history, pricing, and company-specific features are available for  managers in one easy-to-use app.

Set and Update Deal Pricing in Real Time

When managers update deal pricings, that information is available to all sales reps through PA+. This seamless process reduces the likelihood of a sales rep giving a customer incorrect information.

Place Orders for Reps

If a sales rep goes on vacation or gets sicks and his or her clients need to place orders, sales managers can easily step in to fill the void. Managers can access their reps’ systems at any point and seamlessly make a transaction when needed. It would be as if the sale reps made the order themselves.

See a Customer’s Full Sales History

Just like their sales reps, managers can view detailed sales history for all customer locations.