If PocketAdvantage is Batman, think of PA+ as Robin, an essential sidekick that makes business that much easier. At its core, PA+ is a communication tool, a link between a rep and his or her manager. Managers can monitor rep activity and instantly send over training materials (which a rep can then give to clients). Creating surveys and pushing them to reps is a cinch. Automated messages about credit terms of license issues, presentations that prompt when the rep arrives at a certain location, and organized order confirmations are just a few of the tools that empower managers and their reps in the field.

Seamless Integration

PA+ is a smartphone and tablet app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that connects sales reps with their managers in real time and relays critical information between parties. PA+ enables managers to monitor sales rep activities, while allowing sales reps to receive order confirmations, product trainings, store surveys and customer presentations. With PA+ both parties will know what happened, what’s happening and, and what to do next.

“Inventiv knows our industry like no one else, and their solution zeroed-in on what our reps needed.”

—Warren Newman, CIO at RNDC

Mind Your Manager

Sales managers and senior executives use PA+ to review customer activities. Using the customer geo location, they can view customer sales history and view the status of all pending sales rep activities. A CRM module is built in to capture information about the key individuals at a store or restaurant. Free trials are available.

Tracks Sales History

The sheer amount of product customers order can easily lead to errors from both sides. PA+ allows sales reps to view sales history for each client, thereby minimizing the possibility that someone orders the wrong item.

Builds Relationships with Clients

The most effective sales reps are the ones who have built strong relationships with their clientele. This foundation isn’t possible if your team doesn’t know the names of their customers. PA+ can store the names and positions of all employees at any location.

Manage Activities, Goals

Sales reps should present all assigned surveys and presentations to their customers, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. For each customer location, PA+ tracks those assignments and whether or not the rep has presented them to the customer.