AdvantageEIS is a reporting tool designed for sales managers and senior executives that delivers every standard depletion and account-sold report used in the wine, beer and spirits industry. In addition, AdvantageEIS is a communication platform for managers to send directly to sales reps store surveys, product trainings, customer presentations, and activities reminders.

Executive Reporting with Profitability Analysis

Spare yourself the time wasted crunching numbers and checking papers. PA+ comes with standard reporting that includes depletions, accounts sold, sales dollars, and gross profit. You can even compare numbers from common time periods—month to date, year to date, last three, four, six and twelve months—against previous year reports.

Create, Deploy Surveys

Managers use AdvantageEIS to create, modify, and deploy surveys to sales reps. Surveys include standard questions types such as Yes/No, Select for a list, Numbers, Money, Dates and Text.

View Sales Reps Activities and Goals

Instead of  having to call and ask, managers can view orders and activities sent in daily by their sales reps. It’s yet another example of how our apps streamline communication and can save your valuable time.